Hello Everyone!

I have now been working on this business for a little over a year! I have decided to use this blog to share my story, and helpful information that I find along the way.

For the first post, I thought that sharing my story of how I started About You Solutions would be a great first post.

A little over a year ago, I was finishing my B.S. in Psychology, and was looking for a place to use my skills. I had to find a place to do an internship, and was even having a hard time giving away my time. I had never been so frustrated. Trying to find ANYONE that would allow me to work for them I made another call.

Reaching out to yet another non-profit, I had the hopes to either volunteer my time, or even land a part-time job. Little did I know that this conversation would change EVERYTHING!

I was talking to a gentlemen that started a veteran non-profit (With me being a veteran, I have a passion to help veteran, and their families) The story of this non-profit is an amazing story. This father and son set out the year to see one football game at every stadium in one year. While on this journey they decided that they wanted to bring a veteran to honor one of their family members. Over the year, their mission was noticed. People started to donate money, and tickets to support the cause. Eventual, their story caught the attention of a NFL announcers. A story was soon broadcast during a football game, and everything took off.

While I was giving my pitch on how, and why I would be a great addition to the team. We discussed the things that I had noticed thus far, and I would make the changes. During the conversion he was honest, and said they could use the help, but could not afford to hire me. He also said, maybe in the future they could hire me to consult.

That is all it took! That one sentence put everything into motion! In under 24 hours I had an LLC, and had started my business!

While the last year has been a lot of learning, it has been fun, frustrating, fascinating, and stressful. I have meet many wonderful people, and have found a new path that I love. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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